Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Save Time and Money--Even Make Money

In these trying economic times we pulled together a list of features in SirsiDynix Symphony software that might be used to save time, save money, and even make money. We couldn't believe what we could come up with in just a few minutes so I'm passing this partial list on and challenging you to add to it!

SIP: If the staff didn't have to spend so much time checking out materials they could spend a lot more time helping people or reshelving all those materials that come back! And what about those automated check-in machines? You can also save time on reserving PC time and handle your print management and cost recovery with various SIP-compliant interfaces.

Pocket Circulation devices: These handy devices will let you check out materials online or offline, and you can do inventory with them. That saves much time, allowing your staff to work while in the stacks.

Online User Registration: Extend the welcome mat for new users by allowing them to register online with e-Library.

Books by Mail: Reach out to the Amazon crowd by offering shipping and return services for materials. You can decide how to ship, what to charge (if anything), and make library user more convenient than ever for busy users.

Self-Service Hold Shelves: Let library users pick up their materials and check them out via self-check devices. They set up easily and with privacy considerations.

Let us know what ideas you come up with and how we can help!

Best wishes,
Anne Arthur
Product Manager, Engineering

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